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Kevin and Jo SuperSpeed
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Kevin and Jo SuperSpeed

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Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
90 minutes
Release Date:


Kevin St. Laurent and Emily Hoffberg dance Lindy Hop really, really fast! You, too, can become better, faster dancer through superior techniques, drills and exciting moves. Hop on the Dance Express and learn to keep your frame supple and dynamic while still using counter balance. This is an all-levels video for beginner, intermediate and advanced Lindy Hoppers.

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Member Reviews

LJH - October 25, 2016

A very straightforward and useful presentation on how to get your Lindy Hop speed up into the “fast” range – and look and feel good doing it...

There’s no secret to success: “Perfect Practice Produces Perfect Performances.”

To that end, this DVD begins with about a dozen moves or patterns – such as the Swing Out, and, Side by Side Charleston that you should know “cold” at moderate speeds. You should know them all well already, but if there’s any doubt they’re reviewed briefly here so that everyone is on the same page later about what’s happening “in real time.”

The DVD then moves to “connection” in open and closed frame, carefully demonstrating proper posture and proper thinking. As they stress often, (more or less) “the more you know, the faster you go.” At least, the more things you know and do correctly.

Easily overlooked are the included “lead and follow drills” where you actually “walk the walk and talk the talk” by moving as a couple in the frame(s) as you deliberately take ALL the steps in any given pattern and feel ALL the weight shifts – without music. Added to this is “compression/connection/etc.” and what’s possible at any given point.

All this leads to “moment to moment” dancing rather than just doing patterns. This really is the most important section of the DVD. It’s where you drop off the training wheels - where you stop simply flapping your wings and start flying on the air as you FEEL it…

To make sure you’re getting the right feel, you’re then given more patterns to try “to check your technique.” Again? Silly? Overkill? Check your efforts with a mirror to see if you look like they do. Does your posture match theirs? Are you really together, or, well, sloppy? Are you leading and following, or, just guessing right most the time? Verify!

Moving on, in the last “practical” section are some additional moves or patterns that they’ve found work well at higher speeds. Everyone needs an ace up their sleeves and these are particularly handy at higher speeds. You probably don’t know all these, so fold them into your toolbox of choices to do at “whatever” speed.

The sample dancing at the end of the DVD is their dancing Lindy Hop at fast, faster, and fastest (for this DVD) speeds. In the end, dancing fast mostly comes down to knowing your patterns well, understanding your balance and partner connection well, and practicing a lot to different music at all kinds of speeds so you learn the thousands of variables that can come up whenever you’re in motion. Learn well by doing well.

Fast music, in the end, is just music… What’s added here is not just more moves, but more skill… The music doesn’t improve just because it’s faster - but you have to…

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