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Jo Hoffberg: Vivacious Variations - Swivels, Switches and Slides
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Jo Hoffberg: Vivacious Variations - Swivels, Switches and Slides

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Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent
Intermediate, Advanced
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


This video does not focus on basic follow technique, but instead on vivacious variations which will give you flair and fancy. In this DVD, Jo takes you through some of the hallmark variations that every follower should know. Jo begins with breaking down how she looks at the swing out, holds her body, and uses arm tension. Swivels and switches will put some flair in your skirt and get your noticed on the floor. Swing out variations will challenge your weight change dexterity and the slides will help you slip into the hearts and admiration of many. This DVD includes material for all levels, including swing out technique, swivels, a slue of styling variations and some fabulous slides for followers.

• Swingout technique
• Solo drills
• Partner drills
• Swivels
• Swingout variations
• Switches
• Slides
• Special Features

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 1, 2017

If you had to order up a set of private lessons about how you, as a follower, could “rev up” your Lindy Hop, you’d be lucky to order up something so on point.

What you get here is someone who’s willing to pay attention to your goal of “doing better” in Lindy Hop and who’s willing to share what she knows. It’s friendly, chatty, entertaining, and informative without being too “slow” - despite being, “lessons.”

Its subtitle is, in part, “Swivels, Switches, and Slides” but it starts with Swing Outs because you have to know when the lead can change things up – and when you can, in turn, have a response of your own to what’s going on rather than just being, “lead.”

Having gotten that basic idea in place, Jo then demonstrates “Swivels, Switches, and Slides,” plus, “Variations,” to make a good follow into someone having more to do, having more fun, and, giving their partner more to work with - and on.

Yes… This is also a good disc for leads to watch. It will make them better leaders – helping them understand what more advanced follows expect and giving the leads clear instruction about when and how to do things to improve the dance on both sides.

Most of what is presented here is not new ground, but it is presented in a fresh sort of way and all at once – not over two or three years of workshops. Well worth watching many times and practicing along with…

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